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is written specifically for those meeting professionals actively planning meetings in the Societal, Military, Education, Religious and Fraternal world, also known as the SMERF market. The Special Markets, which also include student/youth organizations and diversity groups, is the only true recession-proof market the meetings industry offers and represent billions of dollars of business every year.


Special Markets Meetings Journal is distributed to 10,000 select planners from this market that meet two criteria: 1) They are actively planning meetings and events 2) They have the ability to plan meetings outside of the state they are domiciled…two very important aspects when investing your marketing dollars in reaching this audience.


SMM is published by Integrated Marketing Media, a company that represents more than 30 years combined experience in the meetings industry. To learn more, contact Walter Barnard of Integrated Marketing Media at 469-230-6703 or by email.

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